Established in 1951 based in Hyogo, Japan, Shinki – Hikaku is a Japanese tannery specialising in horsehide. Horsehide is thin compared to cowhide, yet its grain side is sturdier than cowhide, as well as supple and light.

Shinki-Hikakus finishing techniques are highly advanced, and Japanese apparel brands are using their horsehide to produce jackets, boots and more that are gaining popularity. Their new horsehide creations each season have become indispensable trend setters on the Japanese leather fashion scene.

They use only two tanning processes, one employing vegetable tanning in a pit tank, and the other chrome tanning.

Shinki Horsehide has a rich pallet of variations that have cultivated over the course of their 60 year history.

Black Shinki Hikaku


Tannege: Vegetable

Finish: Full Aniline

Navy Blue Shinki Hikaku Horsehide


Tannege: Vegetable

Finish: Pigment

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