Introducing the Field Leathers X Carl Murawski B-3 inspired sheepskin jacket

The Connecticut.



We have had great fun working with Carl creating our spin on a B-3 sheepskin jacket suitable for the modern world whilst retaining and increasing the detailing found on the originals it stemmed from.

Every material used has been specially sourced for this project and we hope you agree it has paid off.

Made from 15mm North American sheepskin with a deep redskin finish, Chrome tanned & fitted with a #8 Reproduction Talon zip manufactured in Japan.

For our straps we chose to go with a tannery who are known for their quality in heavy but luxurious harness leathers, Wickett & Craig who was established in 1867 so there is no doubt they know their craft, we opted for their 6oz harness leather to use in this jacket.

A softer hide was required for the taping and trim and ultimately we landed on a beautiful Semi-Aniline Italian Cowhide from a tannery in Tuscany which we feel compliments the other materials very well.

We hope you agree that these choices along with the design details which vary the Connecticut from the B-3 originals was worth the time and effort.


The Connecticut X Carl Murawski is available in a special introductory run of 100 jackets, These jackets will retail at the price of £1000 plus shipping, However The first 50 jackets will be at a discouted price of £850 plus shipping. these will be shipped out in three phases:
Phase one = first 10 within 4 weeks of launch (19th March)
Phase two = 45 shipped between May – September
Phase Three = 45 Shipped between September – January

These are available in stock sizes S, M, L & XL. Please use the size guide to check which size would suit you best depending on the fit you like.

  • North American Sheepskin (Chrome Tanned)
  • Reproduction #8 Talon Zipper (made in Japan)
  • Replica B-3 buckles. (made in Japan)
  • Semi-Aniline Italian Cowhide (tanned in Tuscany)
  • Wicked & Craig Harness Leather. (5.5-6oz)
  • Heavy duty cotton pocket bags (14oz)

After the first 100 jackets are sold, The jacket will no longer be in the special introductory run and will then be added to our current lead time starting from January 2024.

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