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Think classic style meets the modern man, this is what we at Field leathers would like to offer our customers along with a personal customer experience for those who share our love for the craft and style of leather jackets.

The old saying goes “if it ain’t broken….don’t fix it” and we strongly agree with this when it comes to the classic leather jacket styles that have been replicated time and time again by so many, this is definitely no coincidence. This is why when beginning the process of creating Field leathers, Greg Field started with an original 1930s half belt jacket and once he had lovingly taken this apart this become the pattern base and inspiration for the 5 initial styles of Field leathers.

As much as we adore the classics styles we have all grown to love, we are also a big fan of growth and development within design, the classics of tomorrow wont make themselves so Field leathers will continue working on new design features and styles to run seamlessly alongside the classics of yesterday.

Whilst developing the first of our styles we were extremely passionate about sourcing materials that complimented these and also conveyed who we are as a Business. We started this process back in 2016 and have taken the time needed to make sure we are offering our customers the best quality for their jacket in every aspect of it.

With Shinki Hikaku producing stunning horsehide since the 1950s to become the best leather tannery in Japan (in our opinion)and always a firm favourite for Field Leathers we felt it was a no brainer that this would be one of our leather offerings from the start. We will be offering Shinki’s beautiful vegetable tanned horsehide. This leather is between 1.2mm-1.3mm (2.5-2.7oz) and is hard wearing in its own right whilst being equally as beautiful.

For the more expressive wearer we will be offering Shinki’s Vegetable tanned horsehide in a Blue which is a pigment finished horsehide and can vary from smooth finish to grainy to suit personal taste from client to client.

The other two shades we will be offering is a classic Black (of course) and the collection wouldn’t be complete without a Brown. Both these Horsehides have an oil and wax finish which creates a glossy top coat which will dull down through wear to reveal the patina created by the wearer over time.

Field leathers are made to order which we feel ensures that every customer receives the one on one experience we pride ourselves on providing. From choosing your shade of leather and selecting which hardware will compliment this perfectly all the way down to deciding which lining you would like.

Every Field Leathers Jacket is cut and constructed personally by Greg Field himself in his studio based on the East Coast of “Bonnie Scotland”, with over 8 years experience in sewing leather jackets he prides himself in the details and 100% goes into each and every order.

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